Travel & Tourism
airplan Accommodation
  • Selection of suitable hotels.
  • Management of attendees' accommodation needs and reservation requests.
  • Compilation and mailing of official confirmation document.
  • Compilation and transmission of rooming lists to hotels.
  • Meet & greet services at the airport, railway station, etc.
  • Multi-language assistance at hotels, conference centre, special sites and during tours and excursions.
  • VIP transportation.
  • Booking service for plane, ferry tickets.
  • Negotiations with carriers for special fares.
  • Organizing of pre and post conference tours. (In collaboration with a well known travel agent)
  • Determination, negotiation and arrangements for all facilities, services and equipment that event food functions require, on and off site.
  • Suggestions for menus, table arrangements and decorations, types of service, waiter uniforms.
  • Making and/or distributing of posters, signs, seating lists, place cards, menus, gifts.